Alamo Reality

This is Augmented Reality

Augmented reality layers digital information on the user’s environment in real time!

The Future of History is Here!

Now you can experience the Alamo’s iconic battleground through our augmented and virtual reality app.

Transform the historic downtown San Antonio battlefield into what it looked like before, during and after the famous 1836 battle.

The app is free and is currently available to download on iOS devices. Android coming soon. Premium level content including more augmented reality scenes, videos, and stories,  may be accessed for only $4.99. 

Device requirements: iPhone 6 and above, iPad with iOS10+, Android tablet and phone with OS6 and above with ARMv6 and FPU Processor.

Free Features

Free Scenes include 1, 3, 12 and 13.

You Don’t Have to Be at the Alamo to Use the app! 

When you download the app, you will have access to:

  • Four Augmented Reality Scenes–circled in the image. This includes scene 13, which is a spectacular walk through of the entire 1836 Alamo Compound. 
  • Biographies of key characters, and 
  • Capture the artifacts in each of the four scenes.

Scene 1 The Southwest Cannon. See Travis fire the first shot with the 18-pound cannon in response to Santa Anna’s surrender demand on the first day of the siege.

Scene 3 The Palisade – Where Crockett defended the Alamo.  Explore the Palisade and see Crockett and his men defend the Alamo during the assault.

Scene 12 Bowie’s Room. Jim Bowie was deathly ill during most of the 13 day siege. Explore the room where he died, find his famous knife, and see the picture of his wife who had died of cholera.

Scene 13 Tour the Alamo Compound. Explore the Alamo compound as never before, see the entire 1836 Alamo in full scale as you walk through the Alamo Reality’s Virtual Portal.

Premium Content

A premium download provides full access to:

  • Biographies of 40 major characters from both sides of the conflict
  • 14 Artifacts hunt objects tied to the events of the Alamo
  • 31 Movies that tell additional stories about the Alamo
  • Hidden stories of the Alamo
  • Myths and Legends–find out the truth about common myths and legends of the Alamo
  • Stories of other battles of the revolution, before and after the Alamo
  • A “time machine” so you can see what the Alamo was like over 300 years of history
  • History of all the cultures of Texas and their role in the history of Texas
  • History of the Missions

Expand Your Learning

What if students could see historical events unfold as if they were there: in the middle of the battle, or holed up during the siege?  Do you think their interest will be piqued? This isn’t similar to watching a movie, because the student is “in” the story, where it happened.

What if  they could “fly over” the entire scene and watch the battle unfold from the bird’s eye view? Or walk into the room that no longer exists in the physical world, to see where Jim Bowie died?

Would that change their perspective?

Would it enhance their retention and understanding of the material?

We know it will.

Connect With Historic Figures

The premium version gives you access to 40 biographies. Listen to the stories from Texan, Mexican and Native Indian perspectives with modern-day and newly discovered information and artifacts.

We feature these diverse viewpoints to lend an important voice to the story throughout the Experience Real History: Alamo Edition.

The emotion and drama of their lives, and—for many—their tragic deaths, are in sharp focus.

Historically Accurate. Painstakingly Researched. Meticulously Rendered.

Amazing reality requires painstaking attention to detail. We started with an accurate drawing of the Alamo and built on it—literally raising the Alamo from the historical blueprint.

Recreating actual views that haven’t been seen since 1836 requires intensive historical research. Our team includes Dr. Stephen Hardin, and artist Gary Zaboly: two of the most respected Alamo historians.

That is why we consider this project the first Augmented Reality Alamo Textbook.

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